Mike R.

"MAT has been a lifesaver for me
and I have Brandon to thank for that."

James McAndrew

"Absolutely love AMR.  
Brandon and Stephen work miracles."

Heather Prien

"Finding Brandon O’Connor
was an answer to prayer for my life."



Our genius is re-booting your neuromuscular system

Muscle Restoration is a new and cutting edge discipline. You won't find the work we do at AMR in any other facility in the world. At its most basic, our expertise is helping re-wire your neuromuscular system back to its "factory settings." Any injury, surgery, concussion or disruption to your body can result in chronic, and disruptive, compensation patterns. We exist to help your neuromuscular system re-learn how to operate as it was intended. We are the only discipline that practices this approach which is why
(1) We often have success when other disciplines fail and
(2) Our goal is not to keep treating the same issues over and over but to help your neuromuscular system recalibrate back to its "factory settings."




Are you scared you will never get better?

Do you want to get better but you don't know what to do?

Have you tried multiple disciplines and practitioners to get better without success?

Then make Austin Muscle Restoration your last stop. We exist to help people live life without limits and to enjoy their favorite activities without pain or movement limitations. We are muscle and joint experts (muscle nerds, really) who are deeply passionate about our work. We believe that the body can heal and we have great success using our unique Muscle Restoration System© to help people who have tried "everything out there" without success. If you have pain and/or limitations and you don't want to live a compromised life, even if you are losing hope that you will ever get better, you have come to the right place. We are here to help and we are never intimidated by complicated conditions. We promise, we will never give up on you because you are complicated. In fact, addressing complicated cases is what we do best. We understand if you fear you will never get better, but we are confident that we can help. And it's ok if you don't know what to do to get better - because we do. At AMR, we restore hope and health in an accepting and non-judgmental facility unique to Austin. In addition to Muscle Restoration, we are also a world-class personal training gym, and we are excited to announce the opening of our new Autoimmune & Injury Gym!

We offer 3 services:


We address the root cause of pain and movement limitations. We specialize in complex and difficult cases that have not responded to other therapies. We address both acute and chronic conditions.


We help people exercise who have low thresholds, pain, or movement limitations. We specialize in helping people with Autoimmune Disease, TBI, structural issues, or with complicated traumatic or chronic injury that make exercise difficult.


We provide private 1:1 world-class personal training to anyone bored with their gym routine, people looking to push their boundaries without injury, and athletes looking to boost their performance and results.



We Donate 10% of our Gross Profits to Charity Water

We are also passionate about helping people access clean water. Therefore, we donate 10% of our gross profit to Charity Water. With your help, In 2017, AMR fully funded wells in Ethiopia and Malwai Africa. We plan to fully fund 2 more wells in 2018. Follow construction progress, learn about our new projects, and discover more about Charity Water from our GIVING BACK page.





Our Beliefs

* The body is designed to heal and can heal 
* Life is not meant to be lived half way
*No one should suffer if interventions are available that can alter that situation
* Physical pain impacts emotional and spiritual well-being 
*Every program must be custom fit to the needs of the client and designed to produce long term benefits
* Keeping long term goals in mind helps inform better decision making
* A team approach creates the best possible results
* Everyone can exercise with appropriate help
* Your comfort and privacy matters. Our facility offers privacy and is well lit with natural light
* A healthy diet and lifestyle play a critical role in restoring muscular system health



MSS, MATm Mastery Specialist, RTSm Mastery Specialist

My name is Brandon O’Connor, and I am the founder of Austin Muscle Restoration. Several members of my family have been impacted by autoimmune disease and chronic injury and I have developed a passion and expertise for healing people with extremely compromised muscular and neuromuscular systems. Over the past decade I have been able to help a wide variety of people recover from nagging injuries, improve their health and well being, and achieve personal goals. Fifteen years of professional experience led me to create AMR's unique Muscle Restoration System©, to help you recover from injuries, gain strength, and improve your life. I am a Muscle Restoration Specialist and one of only 20 or so people in the world who is a certified mastery specialist through both the Muscle Activation Techniques and the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery Programs. My mission is to prevent people from living with unnecessary pain and movement limitations.


MSS, Certified Muscle System Specialist

MATm, Mastery Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

MAT Rx Hand & Foot Practitioner

RTSm, Certified Resistance Training Specialists Mastery Specialist

Muscle Systems Specialists Specialist

The National Academy of Sports Medicine

Perform Better Functional Training

International Sports Sciences Association


RTSm Mastery Specialist, MATs Specialist

My name is Stephen Dansevich. My interest in fitness began 35 years ago when I decided I needed to exercise regularly to make up for a changing post-adolescent metabolism. Over the next several years, I experienced the extremes of the fitness/exercise continuum, from chronic over-training to anorexia and everything in between. Through these trials, I came away with a desire to better educate myself about fitness, which became my true passion. I graduated summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa from Trinity University in San Antonio, and spent many years getting a variety of training certifications, but the more I learned the more I realized I still didn't know. In 2008 I started taking classes for the Muscle Activation Techniques internship & the mastery level of the Resistance Training Specialist program, which stresses an understanding of muscle and joint function and the physics of exercise and resistance. I am now a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist and one of only 65 Mastery certified Resistance Training Specialists in the world. I now understand that effective exercise is all about the strategic application and control of forces on and within the body, based on a given person's goals and capabilities. I always match the exercise to the client, not the other way around.


MATs, Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

RTSm, Certified Resistance Training Specialists Mastery Specialist

Training, Muscle System Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Integrated Flexibility Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified National Academy Of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

International Sports Sciences Association. Certified Personal Trainer

Training, Perform Better

Training, Art of Strength

Training, Functional Movement Screening



Psychologist & Health Restoration Coach

Hello, I'm Shannon. I am Brandon O'Connor's wife and I schedule your appointments and keep the business running smoothly. I consider myself the Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) & Principal Storyteller of AMR. I love people and I look forward to speaking with you and getting you started on your road to muscle restoration!

As that commercial goes, I am not just an AMR co-owner, I am also a client. Both Brandon and Stephen were instrumental in helping me recover from 6 autoimmune diseases including Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. Based on my journey to health, I became a Radical Health Restoration Coach, with a mission to help others restore their health. In my roles as a psychologist, coach, and corporate manager and trainer, I have more than 20 years of clinical and corporate experience and 5 current health and performance coaching certifications. While I no longer accept coaching clients, I freely share all my Health Restoration Tips, Recipes, Resources and Biohacking knowledge on our website under the RESOURCES tab. Find me on Instagram @autoimmunefoodie or Facebook at Autoimmune Foodie. Or on my website at www.autoimmunefoodie.com


Certified Bulletproof Coach

Certified Wahls Protocol Health Professional

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach & Entrepreneurial Coach

Strengths Strategy, Inc. Certified Coach

Certified Irlen Method Screener

Have a question? Want to know more? Ready to become a client?


Who are our Clients?

We work with a wide variety of clients. Our current clients range from ages 12-92 and include entrepreneurs, CEOs, physicians, surgeons, veterinarians, attorneys, dentists, corporate executives, hair stylists, busy moms and dads, small business owners, dancers, artists, retirees, and athletes participating in high school, college, recreational and professional sports. With over 30 years of combined expertise working with clients, countless certifications, and 3 mastery certifications, we have the expertise and experience necessary to help each client get exceptional results.


* Have ongoing or reoccurring injuries and need a long term solution for the restoration of their muscular system health

* Have been frustrated by not being able to find a resolution to their muscle and joint based problems

* Are involved in athletic endeavors who want to improve performance, recover from nagging injuries, and prevent the occurrence of future injuries

* Are suffering from the effects that various autoimmune diseases create in the muscular system, such as chronic joint pain, chronic muscle pain, and chronic fatigue

* Are sick of worrying that muscle and joint based problems will continue to limit them from participating in the movement based hobbies they love

 * Are intimidated by commercial gyms and trainers and want a non-judgmental trainer and accepting space to exercise, regardless of their limitations, fitness level, or body weight

* Want to explore exercise in a safe and effective way

* Are interested in having an advocate to be there for them as their long term muscle specialist

* Want to slow down the effects that the aging process has on muscle health

* Suffer from conditions including plantar fasciitis, back pain, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, chronic and recent injury, and autoimmune conditions

* Are looking for a therapy that is not painful, and actually works!

* Want to avoid surgery if possible.

* Have suffered a concussion, stroke or TBI.




Kurt Beggs

Brandon is nothing short of amazing. After trying everything else for almost a year, I have been going to Brandon for about a month and my shoulder impingement and chronic muscle tightness have almost gone away. My strength is returning and my range of motion has doubled. I have not found anything else that works as well as Brandon's therapy. Brandon is the best Muscle Activation Therapist in Austin.


I have MS and small nerve fiber neuropathy which have caused years of increasing nerve pain, muscle pain, fatigue and weakness. I've tried every kind of therapy from acupuncture to massage to chiropractic. While these have helped briefly, I've never gotten any long-term traction — until I tried muscle activation techniques with Brandon O'Connor at Austin Muscle Restoration. My functional medicine doctor recommends him to all of her autoimmune patients. I feel immediately better after each session, but I can also tell that I am finally getting traction and improving more with each session. My pain level and mobility have improved. Brandon is also a great source for info about autoimmune issues and has turned me on to many helpful resources on my path to recovery.

Christine Laylon

"It’s hard to put into words and fully encompass what the last year and a half Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training journey with Brandon represents to me. When I first started treatment, I was in so much systemic pain that I was having trouble even doing the simplest tasks like tying my shoes! I am a competitive athlete with a history of multiple repetitive stress as well as traumatic injuries to my lower spine in particular. I had tried everything to alleviate my pain including steroid injections, chiropractic care, cryotherapy and even acupuncture but had not found any relief...

Through a very thoughtful and comprehensive process in the Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training frameworks, Brandon started the process of literally putting me back together. Not only his professionalism, but his extreme patience and kindness got me through some pretty dark days when I thought I would never be able to participate in my sport again - even though he always told me I would and I'd be better than ever...

I am returning to competition again this summer and feel stronger and more solid than I ever have. When I think about what could have happened if I hadn’t been referred to Brandon, I cringe because chances are I would have had to give up the things that I love and make life worth living...

All I can say is I can’t recommend Brandon enough for anyone who has injury or pain…"

Christine Laylon

Currently a Personal Training Client

Mike R.

"MAT has been a lifesaver for me and I have Brandon to thank for that. I've been a cop for ten years and wearing 25 pounds of gear on my hips that constantly pulls my pelvis out of alignment for 40+ hours a week has really taken a toll on my body. I'm an avid CrossFitter and that has certainly helped mitigate injury. But I never realized just how broken and shut down I was until I met Brandon. I hopped on his table as a skeptic and hopped off an hour later as a true believer in the power of MAT and the knowledge and skill that Brandon brings. He is an outstanding practitioner of this wonderful technique and a consummate professional. If you're like me and never got the results you were seeking from physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage, I urge you to schedule an appointment with Brandon. I promise you will be happy that you did."

Heather Prien

"Finding Brandon O’Connor was an answer to prayer for my life. After my pregnancy in 2009, I had more than just constant severe pain in my lower back and hips. My hips would freeze up when laying down, and I would literally have to use my arms to roll my body to my side to get out of bed, only to be bent over until either pain medication kicked in or it loosened up by walking around. Even when I was able to stand up straight, the pain never ceased. I saw a chiropractor, but only received some temporary relief that lasted about a day or two. Doctors could do nothing and prescribed me high dose anti-inflammatory drugs to help ease the pain. I started seeing a personal trainer to see if strengthening and stretching would help out, but it made it worse. I couldn’t go for walks or exercising because of the aftermath of pain. I pushed through for the sake of my daughter, very active daughter, and would look forward to my nightly dose of pain reliever to feel better.

In 2011, my family moved to Austin, Texas and my Mother set up an appointment with Brandon for Muscle Activation Techniques to help me get relief from the pain. I was stunned. Not only did I start feeling relief from pain right away, but the relief stayed. Brandon worked on everything from my toes/feet to my neck/head. I no longer was having to help myself roll over to try to get out of bed. I was no longer waking up and walking bent over, but was waking up and standing up straight. I can go to the park and run around with my daughter and play without being in excruciating pain during and afterwards. I have my life back, not just for me, but for my family.

Brandon is professional, honest and someone I trust. He has great passion to be his best and to do whatever it takes to help others feel their best. I have not just seen the results of Muscle Activation Techniques, but I am living proof of those results. Thanks Brandon for changing my life…literally!!"

John B

I can testify to the value of Muscle Activation and Brandon O’Connor. I was born with a curved spine and have been dealing with back issues most of my life. My personal trainer recommended Brandon. At first I was very skeptical because the technique just seemed too simple. Brandon did a complete set of tests in the beginning and I learned things about my structure that I never knew before. We started muscle activation. At first, the results are subtle, but I began to notice things like a much freer golf swing and better posture. Also, I have not had back pain. I use the combination of personal training and muscle activation and the results are clear. Brandon is thorough and really is committed to the process and his clients. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.

Heather Elizabeth

I highly recommend Brandon O'Connor. He is a professional, honest and someone I trust. He has great passion to be his best and do whatever it takes to help others feel their best. I have not just seen the results of M.A.T., but I am living proof of those results. Thanks Brandon for changing my life... literally!!

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SCHEDULING: Please contact Shannon at 512-461-2856 to book an evaluation. 

We do have a 48-hour cancellation policy to avoid a cancellation fee and we do require a credit card for booking.

We also require that you complete our online paperwork 48 hours prior to your evaluation.

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We are located in SW Austin near MoPac and Hwy 290

Oak Acres Shopping Center

5716 W. Hwy. 290, Suite 111

Austin, TX 78735