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I have been a client of Austin Muscle Restoration for a few years now and can’t believe how after decades of compounded injuries, I am still able to participate as a competitive athlete as a result of this treatment! In the last year, I have been able to completely focus on strength, performance and injury prevention by getting off the table and into the gym. When Stephen Dansevich started at AMR, I began working with him twice a week to meet these goals. Stephen’s approach is customized to the client and their needs. Although we have worked out the same areas of the body, we have never done the same workout twice! He has more depth of knowledge about body and exercise mechanics than anyone I have every trained with and has found unique and effective ways to challenge me and dramatically increase my strength. No matter what your goals, whether for quality of life or sports, I can’t recommend Stephen enough.

Christine Hla



Why exercise with Stephen?

*Stephen creates elite strength training programs for high school and college athletes looking to take their performance to another level. He also works with athletes of all ages who are ready to push their boundaries of strength and endurance safely.

*Our Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Busy Parents appreciate getting in a challenging workout in less time.

* Stephen's expertise is properly dosing exercise for any fitness or age level.

* Stephen works with High School, College, and Adult athletes to create elite strength training programs.

* Stephen works with people who are bored with routine gym workouts and are looking for the next challenge.

Stephen is an MAT certified specialist, as well as one of only 65 Mastery certified Resistance Training Specialists (RTSm) in the world. 

RTSm certified specialists are not just personal trainers - they are world-renowned experts in exercise mechanics, a science not taught or applied anywhere else. RTSm specialists believe that "strategic manipulation of resistance at various points in the range of motion is paramount to altering the outcome of exercise in terms of muscular challenge, motor recruitment, joint forces, and ultimately, the exercise experience" (RTS website What this means is that Stephen's expertise is dosing exercise appropriately to meet each clients' ability and goals.

Why exercise at AMR?

AMR is a unique private fitness facility.

At AMR, we only schedule one personal fitness client at a time. This means our facility is truly private and you will never wait for equipment. All of our equipment has been hand selected by experts to provide the widest variety of resistance based challenges and we have unique equipments such as the Isophit and Keiser equipment.

The Isophit: We are one of about 45 facilities in the world, and the only facility in Austin, to feature an Isophit. The Isophit allows clients to build muscle and increase endurance isometrically while minimizing joint involvement, therefore minimizing injury. The Isophit is designed to facilitate exercises using isometric contractions for virtually every joint in the body. Isometrics are a very effective way to increase muscle strength and joint range of motion. And because Isometrics are position based, they can be much more targeted than other exercise types. This means Isophit can help athletes build more muscle, or it can help people with joint issues or limited movement start improving strength and building muscle much more safely than on traditional machines.

Keiser Machines: We also have an extensive line of Keiser equipment, which you won't find at most other facilities. Keiser is unique because it uses compressed air for resistance instead of weights. Compressed air does not have inertia (momentum) which makes it a more versatile and controllable form of resistance that is less stressful on joints. The controls on each machine allow for instant and precise changes in resistance during the performance of the exercise. This means that you can change the resistance weight as needed throughout the set, allowing constant weight adjustment throughout the range of motion of an exercise, as well as for eccentric and concentric movement.

Please note that we do not provide home exercise programs. Our expertise is custom dosing exercise to fit your needs at every visit.


Express Workouts

At our private facility, we only train one client at a time. So you never wait for equipment. And with our hand picked machines and work class exercise experts, we promise you get the same results in half the time.

Elite Strength Training for Athletes

Stephen works with high school, college or professional athletes looking for a custom strength training program to take their performance to the next level.

Break the Monotony of Boring Gym Routines

Stephen works with adults who are bored with the gym and are looking for a new challenge. Push your boundaries safely and effectively.



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