We know the frustrations of living life with chronic pain or movement limitations.

"I want a normal life. I want to return to how I use to be." 




Have you ever noticed how carefree children typically move while running or playing?

When is the last time you moved, exercised, went about your day, or simply got out of bed without experiencing significant physical symptoms, pain, or movement limitations? If you know what I'm talking about here you are likely feeling a sick sensation in  your gut right now. You can't participate in the sports or fitness activities you love. You can't participate in the family activities you love. You can't perform your job without pain. You may not even be able to get through a simple day without suffering. You are losing hope that life without chronic pain and limitations is even possible. You're scared you will never get better. You've been dismissed or passed off by professionals who don't know what to do with you. Or worse, promised miracle interventions over and over that don't actually work. In fact, you've landed here as your last hope because you don't know anything else to try. You have tried "everything out there" and you simply don't know what else to do. 


If this sounds like you, we hear you. We understand. And we care. Our life's purpose is to give people hope for recovery. We don't fear complicated cases. In fact, we specialize in the catastrophic, the complex and the complicated. It's where our deepest passion lies. We want to deep dive your case, connect the dots, and think out of the box to provide you with truly novel solutions. Our clients have tried everything and are losing hope for living a life without limits. 

But imagine for a moment what it would be like if your pain, unwanted physical sensations, or movement limits started to resolve. Imagine a day where you wake up without noticing that your body feels stiff, painful, tight, or limited. You work for 8 hours without the frustration and fear of body betrayal. You enjoy your favorite fitness activity or a day with your family without once wishing your body would just cooperate. Imagine living the life you desire for years to come. That is why we exist. To help bring this vision to reality. Take a moment to really imagine: What would this mean for you to achieve this? What would it mean to your family? What contributions would this allow you to unleash? 


We deeply desire these outcomes for our clients. This isn't a job for us. This is an investment. A purpose. Our calling. We are invest our heart, sole and expertise into helping our clients live a fuller life. We consider our clients part of our family, and we care about their outcomes as much as we care about the outcomes of our family members. We desire to work with clients who want a practitioner who cares about them and who desires to establish a collaborative relationship built on trust and transparency. We want to be your neuromuscular wellness parter to help you live the life you desire now and into the future. 


Make Austin Muscle Restoration your last stop. We exist to help people live life without limits and to enjoy their favorite activities without pain or movement limitations. We are muscle and joint experts (muscle nerds, really) who are deeply passionate about our work. We believe that the body can heal and we have great success using our unique Muscle Restoration System© to help people who have tried "everything out there" without success. If you have pain and/or limitations and you don't want to live a compromised life, even if you are losing hope that you will ever get better, you have come to the right place. We are here to help and we are never intimidated by complicated conditions. We promise, we will never give up on you because you are complicated. In fact, addressing complicated cases is what we do best. We understand if you fear you will never get better, but we are confident that we can help. And it's ok if you don't know what to do to get better - because we do. At AMR, we restore hope and health in an accepting and non-judgmental facility unique to Austin. Muscle Restoration is a new and cutting edge discipline. You won't find our blend of muscle restoration services anywhere else in the world. At its most basic, our expertise is helping re-wire your neuromuscular system back to its "factory settings." Injury, surgery, concussion, medical or genetic conditions, overuse or disruption to your body can result in chronic, and disruptive, compensation patterns. We exist to help your neuromuscular system re-learn how to operate as it was intended. We do a thorough and comprehensive review of your history and current circumstances to understand the root cause of your neuromuscular disruption. We do not have a magic wand, but we often have success when other disciplines fail because we connect dots that others miss. And we blend modalities because we know that any single modality has limitations in its paradigm, and we know that some systems respond better to one modality and other systems to a different modality. We are not a "quick fix" program. Our goal is not to keep treating the same issues over and over like a "Groundhog Day" movie scenario. Our goal is to get you off the symptom management Merry-Go-Round to help your neuromuscular system re-calibrate back to its "factory settings."

We love our clients and deeply care about their wellbeing. We consider our clients as extended members of our family. If we are being honest, we spend most of our time thinking about and strategizing about solutions to client problems.

Our expertise is helping you with balance, control, coordination, loss of mobility, hyper mobility, stability, range of motion, posture, strength, agility, neuromuscular pain, muscle fatigue, and movement. And the reason we care about providing you with solutions to these problems is because we want you to be able to live the life that you want to live without the frustrations that these cause. We want to invest our time into a better future for you. 

We are one of the only muscle restoration facilities that specializes in people with complicated, complex and catastrophic issues. We don't fear any condition. And we truly understand delicate and low threshold issues. The world has many options for athletes and high threshold clients. We exist to help those that feel they are always falling through the cracks.


Our promise:

We care and we will interact with you with compassion

We will serve you the same as ice serve our family members

We will never give up on  you

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AMR is a dream come true for husband and wife team Brandon and Shannon

whose passion is to help people live life without limitations

Brandon O'Connor, CMSS, MATm, RTSm

Co-Owner (Shannon's Husband)

Isolated Muscle Restoration Specialist

Stephen Dansevich, CMSS, MATs, RTSm

Exercise Director 

Integrated Muscle Restoration Specialist

Melanie Echanique, Fitness Pro

Certified Personal Trainer

Core Specialist

Shannon Pickering, M.S. Psychology

Co-Owner & Business Manager (Brandon's Wife)

Certified Authenticity, Wellbeing & NutritionCoach



My name is Brandon O’Connor, and I am the founder of Austin Muscle Restoration. Several members of my family have been impacted by autoimmune disease and chronic injury and I have developed a passion and expertise for healing people with extremely compromised muscular and neuromuscular systems. I have seen Shannon suffer through systemic lupus and cancer and I know the suffering that comes with serious physical limitations. I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years and I have been a muscle restoration specialist for 10 years. I have attained mastery level expertise in muscle restoration with over 10,000 hours of table based muscle restoration practice. I have been able to help a wide variety of people recover from nagging injuries, improve their health and well being, and achieve personal goals. Twenty years of professional experience led me to create AMR's unique Muscle Restoration System©, to help you recover from injuries, gain strength, and improve your life. I am a Muscle Restoration Specialist and one of the only people in the world who is a certified mastery specialist through the Muscle Activation Techniques, Resistance Training Specialist and Certified Muscle System Specialist Mastery Programs. I am also an instructor for the Certified Muscle System Specialist Program. My mission is to prevent people from living with unnecessary pain and movement limitations. No one should live half a life if novel solutions are available.


CMSS, Certified Muscle System Specialist

MATm, Mastery Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

MAT Rx Hand & Foot Practitioner

RTSm, Certified Resistance Training Specialists Mastery Specialist

The National Academy of Sports Medicine

Perform Better Functional Training

International Sports Sciences Association



My name is Stephen Dansevich. My interest in fitness began 35 years ago when I decided I needed to exercise regularly to make up for a changing post-adolescent metabolism. Over the next several years, I experienced the extremes of the fitness/exercise continuum, from chronic over-training to anorexia and everything in between. Through these trials, I came away with a desire to better educate myself about fitness, which became my true passion. I graduated summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa from Trinity University in San Antonio, and spent many years getting a variety of training certifications. The more I learned the more I realized I still didn't know. In 2008 I started taking classes for the Muscle Activation Techniques internship & the mastery level of the Resistance Training Specialist program, which stresses an understanding of muscle and joint function and the physics of exercise and resistance. I am now a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, a Certified Muscle System Specialist, and one of only about only 65 Mastery certified Resistance Training Specialists in the world. I now understand that effective exercise is all about the strategic application and control of forces on and within the body, based on a given person's goals and capabilities. I always match the exercise to the client, not the other way around. I am passionate about dosing and progressing exercise properly to each client, as well as providing a nonjudgemental space where all can feel comfortable improving their fitness.


CMSS, Certified Muscle System Specialist

MATs, Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

RTSm, Certified Resistance Training Specialists Mastery Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Integrated Flexibility Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified National Academy Of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

International Sports Sciences Association. Certified Personal Trainer

Training, Perform Better

Training, Art of Strength

Training, Functional Movement Screening


Mel Parrot HS.jpeg

My name is Melanie and I am a problem solver. When I work with a client, I take into account that each person’s body comes with its own story and unique combination of circumstances. I meet people where they are with positivity and compassion, and treat every person that enters these doors like they are my family.⁠

My training style embraces customization and seeking non-traditional answers to non-traditional problems. I've been working in the fitness industry for seven years as a group fitness instructor and NASM-CPT. Before that, I was an animal trainer and informal science educator for 17 years. My unusual background lends to a welcoming, energizing personality, a natural love for how things work, and an ability to alter my approach to a challenge when it’s needed.⁠

I started my fitness journey as a way out of a tangled past—after battling addiction for 3 years and finding myself back at square one multiple times via traditional rehabilitation, I turned to marathon running as my outlet. I own my life because I reconnected with my body, and now I help others find their own sense of freedom through movement and exercise.”⁠



ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Lagree Fitness Certified

TRX Certified


Future CMSS, Certified Muscle System Specialist (In Training Starting June 2021)



Hello, I'm Shannon. I am Brandon O'Connor's wife and the co-founder of AMR. I schedule your appointments and keep the business running smoothly. I consider myself the Chief Empathy Officer (CEO) of AMR. I love people and I look forward to speaking with you and getting you started on your road to muscle restoration!

As that commercial goes, I am not just the AMR owner, I am also a client. Both Brandon and Stephen were instrumental in helping me recover from 6 autoimmune diseases including Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia, as well as from Stage 3 cancer. I was completely disabled with pain and movement limits in 2014. Brandon and I intimately know the suffering that comes with serious physical problems. I overcame my challenges and we have made it our life's mission to help others overcome their challenges as well. Based on my journey to health, I became a Radical Health Restoration Coach, with a mission to help others restore their health and wellbeing with nutrition and lifestyle changes. In my previous roles as a psychologist, college professor, coach, and corporate manager and trainer, I have more than 20 years of clinical and corporate experience and 5 current health and performance coaching certifications. I accept private health coaching clients and I will be offering health classes for AMR clients this year. However, my daily role is helping AMR clients make appointments and running the AMR business day to day. Find me on Instagram and Facebook @autoimmunefoodie or on my website at www.autoimmunefoodie.com


Certified Bulletproof Coach

Certified Human Potential Coach

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach 

Gallup Entrepreneur Coach

Strengths Strategy, Inc. Certified Coach (People Acuity)

Certified Irlen Method Screener



Who are our Clients?


We work with a wide variety of clients. Our current clients range from ages 12-92 and include entrepreneurs, CEOs, physicians, surgeons, veterinarians, attorneys, dentists, corporate executives, hair stylists, busy moms and dads, small business owners, dancers, artists, retirees, and athletes participating in high school, college, recreational and professional sports. With over 40 years of combined expertise working with clients, countless certifications, and 3 mastery certifications, we have the expertise and experience necessary to help each client get exceptional results.


* Have acute, chronic or reoccurring issues or injuries and need novel solutions for the restoration of their muscular system health

*Have chronic illness that creates problems with coordination, mobility, control, stability, hyper mobility, balance, posture, weakness, chronic pain and/or fatigue


*Have difficulty performing everyday tasks in their critical life and work roles, for example, standing or sitting for work, using a keyboard, lifting or carrying their child, or any other daily tasks


*Desire to gain strength, endurance, mobility, control, stability, improved posture, balance, improved pelvic floor functioning.

* Have been frustrated by not being able to find a resolution to their muscle and joint based problems and have tried "everything out there" or have "seen tons of people and nothing helped."

* Are involved in athletic endeavors and want to improve performance, recover from nagging injuries, or prevent the occurrence of future injuries

* Are suffering from the effects that autoimmune disease or chronic illness create in the muscular system, such as chronic joint pain, hyper mobility, chronic muscle pain, and chronic fatigue

* Are scared to death that their muscle and joint based problems will never resolve and will continue to limit them from participating in the movement based hobbies they love, or prevent them from living a "normal" life

 * Are intimidated by commercial gyms and trainers and want a non-judgmental trainer and accepting space to exercise, regardless of their limitations, fitness level, or body weight

* Want to explore exercise in a safe and effective way, dosed appropriately to their thresholds

* Are interested in having an advocate to be there for them as their long term muscle specialist

* Want to slow down the effects that the aging process has on muscle health

* Suffer from conditions including plantar fasciitis, back pain, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, chronic and recent injury, and autoimmune conditions

* Are looking for a service that is not painful, and actually works!

* Want to avoid surgery if at all possible. Or want to recover from recent or past surgery.

*Want to get prepared for a healthy pregnancy, want help with comfort during pregnancy, and/or want to recover from pregnancy

* Have suffered a concussion, stroke or TBI.

*Are tired of being dismissed because they are complicated and/or are tired of false promises

*Want to restore their core and pelvic floor with non-invasive techniques

*Need diaphragm, ocular, or jaw muscle restoration

The Most Common Conditions We See Include:

* Plantar Fasciitis

* Back Pain

* Scoliosis

* Frozen shoulder

*Shoulder impingement 

* Sciatica

* Piriformis syndrome

* Lupus

* Fibromyalgia

* MS

* Stroke

* TBI or Conscussion

* Knee or Hip Replacement

* Stroke

* Parkinson's

* Antibiotic, Vaccine & Drug Reaction

*Lyme Disease


* Ehlers-Danlos (EDS)

* Migraine

* Hypermobility

* Traumatic Injury

* Neck Pain

* Hip Pain

* ACL Tear

* Degenerative Disk Conditions

* Autoimmune Disease

* Surgical Injury

* Aches and Pains due to Pregnancy

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We listen to our clients. We hear what they have to say. We know their hopes. Our deepest desire is to help our clients reach their goals. We don't use cookie cutter templates or one size fits all paradigms. We use muscle modalities to custom create muscle restoration and exercise plans specifically to each client's goals. Here is what some of our clients who have had great success with our system wanted when they contacted us:

"To get my life back."

"To realize meaningful progress after decades of dysfunction."

"To understand why my body failed me, why I have chronic pain, why can't I do the things I love."

"For someone to connect the pieces so I can continue moving, using my hands and shoulders, and be creative."

"Help identifying specific exercise to help me continue to move without having to think about it - to just enjoy exercise again."

"To take a trip with my husband to live my life without limitations or muscular pain which would be incredibly valuable to me."

"To regain function so I can take care of my kids."

"To not feel like I'm 80 years old when I'm only in my 30's."

"To avoid future disability."

"To stay stable and functional during my next pregnancy."

"To prepare for a healthy pregnancy."

"For the 'electric shocks' in my back to go away for good."

"For someone to be on my side. To understand my body. To help me use my body as much as I want without limits."

"To not have to learn to live with chronic discomfort and pain."

"To get concrete answers to why no one can help my plantar fasciitis."

"To learn if I can come back from a severe injury - to move normally again after a traumatic brain injury. To find a way to resolve my vertigo. "

"To build muscle and get stronger as an athlete."

"To become a pro athlete. To build stamina, strength, agility, and speed."

"To reduce pain from a pinched nerve that effects my shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hips and neck. I want to enjoy hiking again."

"I want to gain strength without injury."

"I want to be pain free to participate in activities without guarding my joints."

"I'm always trying to troubleshoot my pain to exercise and I always end up injured."

"I want to recover from pain and limited motion to gain higher levels of fitness, restore mobility, and eliminate pain."

"I want a stronger body to reduce debilitating pain which causes emotional and physical stress and fatigue."

"I want to feel more confidence and independence so I can do what I want to do in the world without the frustration of chronic pain and modalities that are not helping."

"I want to get fit while preventing future injuries."

"I want to avoid hip and knew replacements. I want to walk without assistance and do more for myself. I want to normal life. I want to be like I used to be."

"I want my self-confidence back."

"I want to fight the clock."

"I want to reverse discomfort, weakness, and increase coordination. Moving is my life. I want to move with less weakness and I want hope for the future without disability."

"I fear a won't be able to work again. I want to improve strength and endurance in my hands. I want mobility and stability. How can I take care of myself? I want to avoid permanent damage and not get stuck with disability."

"I want to move well, to be toned and flexible, to live fully and be radiant from the inside out, to be active, grounded, empowered and to have an abundance of energy and confidence."

"I need a miracle breakthrough. I want to take my fantasy to reality of living a life with a stable solid foundation of physical integrity so I can interact and move with a new level of confidence and focus. I want to increase my self trust and self respect, to take empowered risks, to have authentic presence, to have my body attuned to greater wisdom and clarity."

"I want the burning to stop. I want to sleep without pain interfering. I want to travel and fish."

"I want to feel free and light, happier and more pleasant, more focused on my family and school and important things."

"I want to keep coming for tune-ups so I can keep moving and remain pain free into my 70's and beyond."