I have MS and small nerve fiber neuropathy which have caused years of increasing nerve pain, muscle pain, fatigue and weakness. I've tried every kind of therapy from acupuncture to massage to chiropractic. While these have helped briefly, I've never gotten any long-term traction — until I tried muscle activation techniques with Brandon O'Connor at Austin Muscle Restoration. My functional medicine doctor recommends him to all of her autoimmune patients. I feel immediately better after each session, but I can also tell that I am finally getting traction and improving more with each session. My pain level and mobility have improved. Brandon is also a great source for info about autoimmune issues and has turned me on to many helpful resources on my path to recovery.


My son, Tyler, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and 2 strokes in September of 2013. While doing some outpatient rehabbing at St. David's Hospital, we became friends with a fellow patient (AMR client) named Mike. Mike had begun working with Stephen Dansevich at a gym in Bee Caves (Stephen is now a full time employee at AMR). According to Mike, he was seeing better results than with the physical therapists and occupational therapist he had previously been working with. Therefore, when my son was discharged from the St. David's day program in June of 2017, he began working with Mr. Dansevich. The results have been amazing. At one point we weren't sure that Tyler would ever get substantial activity out of his right arm. As a result of Mr. Dansevich's hard work, my son is able to move his right arm and the range of motion continues to increase with eery visit to Austin Muscle Restoration. We attend sessions twice a week. I now feel confident that there is a good chance that my son will get full activity from his right arm at some point in the future and it's attributable to Mr. Dansevich's hard work.

Mike Hendrick

Brandon and Stephen have helped me so much with my TMJ and headaches. I’ve been able to come off several prescription medications since I’ve started working with them. I had tried surgery and traditional physical therapy- neither helped solved the underlying issues. Brandon and Stephen are both very knowledgeable about their field, and take the time to figure out what is best for each client. Really thankful to Austin Muscle Restoration!

Lauren Haggard

Love AMR. Stephen and Brandon work miracles.

Jim McAndrew

I have been a client of Austin Muscle Restoration for a few years now and can’t believe how after decades of compounded injuries, I am still able to participate as a competitive athlete as a result of this treatment! In the last year, I have been able to completely focus on strength, performance and injury prevention by getting off the table and into the gym. When Stephen Dansevich started at AMR, I began working with him twice a week to meet these goals. Stephen’s approach is customized to the client and their needs. Although we have worked out the same areas of the body, we have never done the same workout twice! He has more depth of knowledge about body and exercise mechanics than anyone I have every trained with and has found unique and effective ways to challenge me and dramatically increase my strength. No matter what your goals, whether for quality of life or sports, I can’t recommend Stephen enough.

Christine Hla








Get Fit In Our No-Judgement Gym!

Welcome to a fitness space like no other. The Autoimmune & Injury Gym is a dream come true for AMR's owners, husband and wife team Brandon and Shannon. The dream began with Shannon's epic journey to wellness. Shannon suffered with lupus and fibromyalgia and lost her ability to continue doing the weight training she loved. She is also a Breast Cancer survivor who needed exercise assistance post chemo, surgery and radiation due to fatigue, muscle atrophy and loss of range of motion. Brandon's muscle restoration services helped her recover significantly. Once she was "table stable" she desperately desired to work with a personal trainer who understood her challenges, didn't make her feel judged or inadequate, and had the expertise to help her get back to her previous weight training ability.


Brandon and Shannon are thrilled to welcome Exercise Director and Stroke Specialist Stephen Dansevich into the AMR family. Stephen is not only one of the world's best personal trainers, he is also a mastery expert of exercise mechanics, as well as a twice certified muscle and joint system specialist.


Stephen doesn't focus on what you CAN'T do. His focus is on what you CAN do.


  • Stephen meets every client where they are

  • Stephen designs an exercise program to meet the client's needs and goals

  • Stephen doses exercise appropriately to each client's ability


Stephen custom creates 1:1 workout programs to fit clients of any age and fitness need. Stephen specializes in working with clients who have autoimmune conditions, chronic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, surgeries, or other conditions that make exercise a challenge. His passion is to provide exercise to anyone of any fitness level and insists that no one feel judged for their fitness level, age, size or shape. Stephen's clients range from 12-92 and he custom doses exercise to each client.


He enjoys working with people who are intimated by exercise and commercial gyms and offers a non-judgmental and accepting safe space for anyone to start an exercise program.  We welcome all fitness levels, ages, body shapes and sizes. No matter what your exercise challenges are, you are welcomed here unconditionally!

What are some Special Features of AMR?


At AMR, we only schedule one personal fitness client at a time so your experience is focused and private.



We schedule clients one at a time, so you never have to wait for equipment or travel far between exercises. We provide effective workouts in less time.



All of our equipment has been hand selected by our world-class experts to provide the widest variety of resistance based challenges possible. We also unique equipment such as a Cybex Classic Neck Machine, the Isophit and Keiser equipment. We are experts in multiple forms of internal and external resistance training, not just traditional weights and bands.


For example, we can use isometrics to stabilize movement that minimizes stress to joints, tendons, and the body’s other supporting structures. In other words, you can gain muscle strength while limiting joint stress if needed. Isometrics are a very effective way to increase muscle strength and joint range of motion. And because Isometrics are position based, they can be much more targeted than other exercise types. This means Isometrics can help people with joint issues or limited movement start improving strength and building muscle much more safely than on traditional machines.

We also have an extensive line of Keiser equipment, which you won't find at most other facilities. Keiser is unique because it uses compressed air for resistance instead of weights. Compressed air does not have inertia (momentum) which makes it a more versatile and controllable form of resistance that is less stressful on joints. The controls on each machine allow for instant and precise changes in resistance during the performance of the exercise. This means that you can change the resistance weight as needed throughout the set, allowing constant weight adjustment throughout the range of motion of an exercise, as well as for eccentric and concentric movement.

Please note that we do not provide home exercise programs.

Our expertise is custom dosing exercise to fit your needs at every visit.


Personal Training, Not Just Another Personal Trainer



Director of Exercise & Stroke Specialist

Stephen is an MAT certified specialist, a MSS certified specialist, as well as an elite Mastery certified Resistance Training Specialists (RTSm). 


My name is Stephen Dansevich. My interest in fitness began 35 years ago when I decided I needed to exercise regularly to make up for a changing post-adolescent metabolism. Over the next several years, I experienced the extremes of the fitness/exercise continuum, from chronic over-training to anorexia and everything in between. Through these trials, I came away with a desire to better educate myself about fitness, which became my true passion. I graduated summa cum laude & Phi Beta Kappa from Trinity University in San Antonio, and spent many years getting a variety of training certifications, but the more I learned the more I realized I still didn't know. In 2008 I started taking classes for the Muscle Activation Techniques internship & the mastery level of the Resistance Training Specialist program, which stresses an understanding of muscle and joint function and the physics of exercise and resistance. I am now a certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, a certified Muscle System Specialist and one of the elite Mastery certified Resistance Training Specialists. I now understand that effective exercise is all about the strategic application and control of forces on and within the body, based on a given person's goals and capabilities. I always match the exercise to the client, not the other way around."

RTSm certified specialists are not personal trainers - they are world-renowned experts in exercise mechanics, a science not taught or applied anywhere else. RTSm specialists believe that "strategic manipulation of resistance at various points in the range of motion is paramount to altering the outcome of exercise in terms of muscular challenge, motor recruitment, joint forces, and ultimately, the exercise experience" (RTS website What this means is that Stephen's expertise is dosing exercise appropriately to meet each clients' ability and goals.


MATs, Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist

RTSm, Certified Resistance Training Specialists Mastery Specialist

Certified Muscle System Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Integrated Flexibility Specialist

Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

Certified National Academy Of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist

American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

International Sports Sciences Association. Certified Personal Trainer

Training, Perform Better

Training, Art of Strength

Training, Functional Movement Screening



We Donate 10% of our Gross Profits to Charity Water

We are also passionate about helping people access clean water. Therefore, we donate 10% of our gross profit to Charity Water. With your help, we have donated $68,000 to date to fully fund 6 wells in Africa. Follow construction progress, learn about our new projects, and discover more about Charity Water from our GIVING BACK page.

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