We know the frustrations of living life with chronic pain or movement limitations.




Have you ever noticed how carefree children typically move while running or playing?

When is the last time you moved, exercised, went about your day, or simply got out of bed without experiencing significant physical symptoms, pain, or movement limitations? If you know what I'm talking about here you are likely feeling a sick sensation in  your gut right now. You can't participate in the sports or fitness activities you love. You can't participate in the family activities you love. You can't perform your job without pain. You may not even be able to get through a simple day without suffering. You are losing hope that life without chronic pain and limitations is even possible. You're scared you will never get better. You've been dismissed or passed off by professionals who don't know what to do with you. Or worse, promised miracle interventions over and over that don't actually work. In fact, you've landed here as your last hope because you don't know anything else to try. You have tried "everything out there" and you simply don't know what else to do. 


If this sounds like you, we hear you. We understand. And we care. Our life's purpose is to give people hope for recovery. We don't fear complicated cases. In fact, we specialize in the catastrophic, the complex and the complicated. It's where our deepest passion lies. We want to deep dive your case, connect the dots, and think out of the box to provide you with truly novel solutions. Our clients have tried everything and are losing hope for living a life without limits. 

But imagine for a moment what it would be like if your pain, unwanted physical sensations, or movement limits started to resolve. Imagine a day where you wake up without noticing that your body feels stiff, painful, tight, or limited. You work for 8 hours without the frustration and fear of body betrayal. You enjoy your favorite fitness activity or a day with your family without once wishing your body would just cooperate. Imagine living the life you desire for years to come. That is why we exist. To help bring this vision to reality. Take a moment to really imagine: What would this mean for you to achieve this? What would it mean to your family? What contributions would this allow you to unleash? 


We deeply desire these outcomes for our clients. This isn't a job for us. This is an investment. A purpose. Our calling. We are invest our heart, sole and expertise into helping our clients live a fuller life. We consider our clients part of our family, and we care about their outcomes as much as we care about the outcomes of our family members. We desire to work with clients who want a practitioner who cares about them and who desires to establish a collaborative relationship built on trust and transparency. We want to be your neuromuscular wellness parter to help you live the life you desire now and into the future. 

If this is you, then make Austin Muscle Restoration your last stop. We exist to help people live life without limits and to enjoy their favorite activities without pain or movement limitations. We are muscle and joint experts (muscle nerds, really) who are deeply passionate about our work. We believe that the body can heal and we have great success using our unique Muscle Restoration System© to help people who have tried "everything out there" without success. If you have pain and/or limitations and you don't want to live a compromised life, even if you are losing hope that you will ever get better, you have come to the right place. We are here to help and we are never intimidated by complicated conditions. We promise, we will never give up on you because you are complicated. In fact, addressing complicated cases is what we do best. We understand if you fear you will never get better, but we are confident that we can help. And it's ok if you don't know what to do to get better - because we do. At AMR, we restore hope and health in an accepting and non-judgmental facility unique to Austin. You won't find our blend of muscle restoration services anywhere else in the world. 

We offer 3 services:


We address the root cause of pain and movement limitations. We specialize in complex and difficult cases that have not responded to other therapies. We address both acute and chronic conditions.



We help people exercise who have low thresholds, pain, or movement limitations. We specialize in helping people with Autoimmune Disease, TBI, structural issues, or with complicated traumatic or chronic injury that make exercise difficult.



We provide private 1:1 world-class personal training to anyone bored with their gym routine, people looking to push their boundaries without injury, and athletes looking to boost their performance and results.






Sat: Limited Appointments Available with Stephen Dasevich By Request

Sun: Closed



Our genius is re-booting your neuromuscular system

Muscle Restoration is a new and cutting edge discipline. You won't find the work we do at AMR in any other facility in the world. At its most basic, our expertise is helping re-wire your neuromuscular system back to its "factory settings." Any injury, surgery, concussion or disruption to your body can result in chronic, and disruptive, compensation patterns. We exist to help your neuromuscular system re-learn how to operate as it was intended. We are the only discipline that practices this approach which is why
(1) We often have success when other disciplines fail and
(2) Our goal is not to keep treating the same issues over and over but to help your neuromuscular system recalibrate back to its "factory settings."