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Top 5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train


Strength training helps maintain bone density: Women have a much greater risk of losing bone density in comparison to men. Bones maintain their density in response to the forces imposed on them. No or little force means the bones have no reason to remain dense. Strength training can provide a controlled environment in order apply some safe forces into the bones.


Building muscle via strength training helps to burn body fat: Muscle is metabolically active tissue. In laymen's terms it utilizes stored energy in order to maintain itself. So the more muscle you build via strength training, the more stored body fat you can burn, even when the body is at rest.


Strength training makes you look better: The caveat being if you combine it with a healthy diet. Most women are afraid of getting bulky. You only become bulky if you combine strength training with a high calorie inflammatory diet. When combined with a nutritious "paleo" style diet it will help you to gain muscle and lose fat, essentially enhancing all areas from the arms, to the glutes, to the abs.


Strength gained via strength training is transferable to all areas of life: Do you ever have trouble lifting children, carrying a heavy purse, or even walking long distances? Then you may be lacking muscle strength. By enhancing muscle strength via strength training, challenging daily tasks suddenly become much more manageable.


Strength Training will give you confidence- Knowing that you are getting stronger, losing fat, and gaining muscle will help boost your confidence in ways you never thought possible. Every time you see the progress with the weights, on the scale, and in the mirror, it will help you feel more confident in all areas of your life.