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What is Your Unique Muscle Restoration System© and Why Does It Work?

Our Unique Muscle Restoration System© (MRS) is not based on one paradigm or certification. Our MRS is unique to us because it is built upon our practitioners' 40 years of combined experience using a combination of sciences that our practitioners have been certified in over the past 20 years. Our practitioners are joint and muscle experts who are mastery certified in multiple disciplines and customize these sciences to create a personalized plan for each client - with proven success.

Because our MRS is built upon multiple paradigms and customized to fit the needs of each client, you won't find any other practice out there doing exactly what we do. So how are we able to help people when they have had multiple interventions without success? Because we are so unique, we feel we need to take a moment to explain as plainly as possible what we do and why we are successful:

  • We are not following pre-determined protocols. We know from years of experience that multiple people with the same physical complaint may each have different root cause(s) of that issue. For example, plantar fasciitis or frozen shoulder do not have a common root cause. The issue can originate from any part of the body including the neck, back, or ankle, as examples. We do not have a pre-determined intervention plan for specific conditions. We custom create a roadmap for muscle restoration for every client based on a comprehensive and extensive root cause evaluation.


  • We do not directly treat pain. People don't usually like this one, but let us explain 2 principles: (1) The site of physical discomfort is often not the root cause of that discomfort. (2) Pain is not always correlated with pathology - it is often a signal that tissue need protection.Let's start with point one: If you have been to multiple practitioners who are directly addressing your pain or movement limitation with stretching, direct manipulation, release techniques, massage, etc... and you are not experiencing relief, or you have to get the same area worked on repeatedly, it may be because that area is not the issue - that is just the area that is symptomatic. Why would that be? It's simple: Your body is made up of at least 650 muscles and each of those muscles have specific jobs. We can't test every muscle, but we can assess many of them including lung screenings, ocular/eye screenings, tongue/jaw screenings and pelvic floor screenings (not invasive). Let's say that one day, one of those muscles decides to take the day off. What is your body going to do? Most likely one of two things: limit your movement because that muscle isn't participating or ask one or more different muscles to step in and "compensate" - in other words - do the job of the muscle that isn't participating. So what happens over time if that muscle "stays off work" and other muscles are having to compensate? That's right, those muscles are doing their work plus the work of the absentee muscle and can start to fatigue, weaken and eventually ache or ask your brain to send pain signals in an effort to take a break. So if you are seeking multiple treatments to address the muscle that is limited or painful, it's possible that the muscle being addressed isn't the problem - or "root cause." So what we do Assess & Address the actual root cause instead of "chasing symptoms." Now let's look at the second point: Pain is not directly correlated to underlying tissue pathology. Many people have disks issues in there back with no symptoms, as an example. Another example is that surgical intervention to correct structural issues often does not result in resolution of pain. If the body is sending "pain" signals as a protective mechanism, then the body is asking for a certain threshold of stability, strength and/or control to be achieved before it is going to stop sending "pain" signals. Some people's body will start to turn off the "pain" signal in 1-3 muscle restoration sessions, way before the body has all the corrective sessions it will require for optimal movement. Other bodies won't turn off pain signaling until they have had many more sessions. Every body has a threshold it needs to reach to turn off pain signals. It's not uncommon for pain to simply "vanish" completely and suddenly after some number of interventions.


  • We Assess & Address the total muscular system. As we established above, the site of physical discomfort is often not the root cause of the discomfort. So what do we do about that? We find the root cause. At your evaluation, we perform an assessment of your entire muscular system. We never assume that your site of limitation or discomfort is the root cause. As we stated above, our experiences tell us that multiple clients can have the same complaint but the root cause won't be the same - not even close! Your initial assessment will reveal to us exactly what muscles are not "showing up for work." That's the Assess part. We will then develop a plan to Address the root cause of your issues. This is why we must have a completed Health History Questionnaire before your assessment, and why we need to do an assessment on your first visit, instead of just jumping in and working on you "blindly" based on your site of discomfort. In our experience, root cause of discomfort or movement limitation can be pretty far "upstream" from an obvious cause.


  • History is Critical. So why do some muscles "stop showing up for work?" There are many reasons including physical trauma, illness or autoimmune conditions, concussion, preganancy, surgery, stress, botox, structural issues, overuse, and age as examples. So you will see that we gather a very thorough and extensive history of everything listed above. Any surgery, accident, stressor, illness, bone break, concussion, structural issue or stress you have ever experienced can be the root cause of your issue - no matter how long ago an incident occurred. That ankle sprain you had at 18? Yes, that may be the root cause of your neck pain 20 years later. That concussion you had as an 8 year old? Yes, that can be the root cause of your left side being weak or of your vertigo or headaches. The laparoscopic abdominal surgery you had 10 years ago? Yes, that can be the root cause of your pelvic floor weakness resulting in your back pain. The medical botox you have in your neck? Yes, that can be causing your issue because you have paralyzed at least one muscle which can't "show up for work" and needs other muscles to step in and help. Does it matter that you have Lyme Disease? Yes, of course, any systemic infection or illness can impact the functioning of your muscular system. Why? Because one way your body copes with a massive stressor is to down-regulate your muscles! So, what does this mean? It means that in our experience, most chronic movement or pain issues have root cause in a past or current event. We are going to put ALL of those puzzle pieces together in order to see the big picture and solve your puzzle.


  • Pain is in the Brain. As discussed above, pain is simply your brain's way of warning your body that something is wrong and protecting you from further injury. Pain may or may not be related to an actual site of injury. For example, phantom limb pain proves that pain is not purely a reflection of a physical site of injury. We do not address medical issues, nerve issues, or structural issues. And yet, clients often report less pain and more movement after receiving Muscle Restoration Services because the brain senses increased stability, control and strength. For example, you can have a structural issue or a nerve issue or a medical issue that we can't address. However, any of those issues can result in some of your muscles "not showing up for work" or can result in your brain sending pain signals to protect you. By Assessing & Addressing the health of your muscular system, you can experience more movement and less discomfort because those muscles are no longer sending panic signals to be brain, resulting in the perception of pain.


  • We are not medical providers. As stated above, we do not address medical issues. But we don't have to address medical issues to help you. For example, we don't "treat" plantar fasciitis. What we do is Assess & Address the total health of your muscle system. For example, let's say you had a whiplash incident many years ago. Some muscles stopped working properly and others started to compensate. Over time, those compensation patterns became re-wired in your brain as "normal" and through the years, the overworking muscles have become exhausted. Now your feet have been overworking to stabilize your neck movements for years and are signaling extreme distress and no traditional modalities are working to help you. That's where we come in. We will Assess & Address the root cause. This is why it is critical to know that we will not typically be working on your site of discomfort. So if you have foot discomfort, we may address your feet and we may not touch your feet, depending on where the root cause is discovered. We know this can puzzle, and even frustrate, clients at first. But trust us that our method has worked for countless clients. Our goal is to be a client's last stop and it often is because we follow a systematic step-by-step investigation and problem solving approach that is effective - regardless of the diagnosis or medical issue that you come to us with. So will we be treating your medical issue? No. For example, we will not be "treating" your plantar fasciitis. Can our MRS services help you regardless of your medical condition or diagnosis? Yes! For example, your foot discomfort can resolve because we Assessed & Address the root cause.


  • We specialize in complicated cases. What does this mean? Well, we have been talking about what happens when a muscle stops showing up. But what happens when lots of muscle shop showing up? You get complete muscular system chaos, that's what! What this means is that you have many muscles that are checked out and many muscles that are overworking. We see this with autoimmune conditions, concussions, major surgeries, traumatic injuries, structural issues, long term overuse, multiple injuries/surgeries over a long time, or advanced age, as examples. This is where our expertise lies. We will Assess & Address all of your compensation issues and present you with a plan for total muscle restoration. We do not claim to be magicians. We have no magic wands to fix you and we have no crystal ball to predict exactly when and how much you will improve. But we can tell you that we will be honest about our prediction for your progress and we will never give up on you. Our clients that trust our process and are willing to be our collaborative partner always get results. We will never stop looking for novel solutions to your complex issues. We simply ask that you communicate with us and have patience with the process.

Whew! Thanks for hanging in there. Do you still have more questions? Be sure to visit our FAQ page!

Special Protocols: We offer Specialty Protocols including Concussion/TBI Protocols, Pre/During/Post Pregnancy Protocols, Neuromuscular Stroke Restoration, Jaw and Eye Restoration, Non-Invasive Core and Pelvic Floor Restoration, Back Pain Programs, and Strength Training Programs for those with Autoimmune/Injury/Illness or for Youth and Adult Athletes from our world-class expert on Exercise Mechanics.

How do you get started? As an Austin Muscle Restoration client, you will first be scheduled for an initial evaluation so we can thoroughly assess the current state of your muscular system. This also gives us an opportunity to get to know you, gather information about your history, and understand what unique needs and goals you may have. Once we have agreed that the services we will provide at Austin Muscle Restoration meet your needs, we will use the information collected during the initial evaluation to create a customized muscle restoration plan structured around your personal needs and goals. Each client plan is highly individualized and completely customized to your needs and goals.

If you are ready to schedule, please watch this 6 minute video which explains how to get started. (coming soon).