Resources for Total Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Restoration

We believe that vibrant heath is the sum total of the functioning of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual systems. These are interdependent systems that impact and influence each other. For example, physical pain will erode mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Just as emotional pain will erode physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, we are passionate about bringing you healthy recipes, health coaching and biohacking tips, as well as product recommendations. 

If you are familiar with Shannon's story (AMR co-owner, Brandon's life partner, and AMR Business Manager) you know that she healed from 7 autoimmune diseases using Food, Muscle Restoration, Faith, Functional Medicine and Biohacking. This page shares Brandon and Shannon's Favorite and Most Trusted Health Resources. And check out our Health Lending Library which consists of Shannon's favorite health and healing books.

Please keep checking for new content as we load up this page with good stuff in 2018! And be sure to check out Shannon's website for Autoimmune Specific recipes, free eBooks and more. Click below for a link to her FREE FAT BOMB eBook, SOUP, STEW & CHILI eBook , and her SIGNATURE RECIPES eBook! 


AMR is excited to announce our free Health Book lending library is open! Be sure to check out a book when you come in for your session.

Colorful Book Spines


Red Roses


Functional & Integrative Medicine Medicine Doctor at Nourish Medicine

From Dr. Alex's website: "Nourish Medicine was founded in 2012 with the goal of helping my patients find the root cause of their symptoms or illnesses. As a functional and integrative medicine MD, I use a whole body approach to cultivate life-long health. If you haven’t yet, I recommend getting acquainted with me by downloading the first three chapters of my book: Bloom (download available on website) and joining my newsletter community. Don’t worry, I won’t inundate you with spam. Rather you will gain instant access to empowering tools and information that will help you reclaim your health and happiness."

Dr. Alex is Shannon's Functional Medicine Doctor and was instrumental in helping her heal from 6 autoimmune disease, as well as treating her for chronic lyme disease, leaky gut, candida overgrowth, food sensitivities, genetic detox and methylation issues and more.

We adore Dr. Alex and highly recommend her to anyone dealing with autoimmune, lyme, mold toxicity, adverse drug reactions, food sensitivities, heavy metal issues, or any other chronic or undiagnosed illness.

Be sure to check out her Health Articles Blog on her website.

Ray of Light


Licensed Professional Counselor, Chronic Illness Specialty

Nicole Williams is a Licensed Professional Counselor, practicing  in central Austin. Nicole works with children, teens, families and adults specializing in grief and loss, trauma, and chronic illness counseling. As a chronic illness warrior herself, she understands the many challenges and obstacles individuals and families face. With compassion, wisdom, humor and a little rebellion, she helps clients integrate a life of meaning, joy, and connection while having a chronic illness. Nicole uses a variety of therapy methods that include EFT, Trauma informed Yoga, Psychodrama, Guided Imagery, Meditation and Walk and Talks.

Female white toothy smile


Dentist & Owner, Luxe Dental Autin

Dr. Michelle Hedgecock was born in Houston and grew up in the very small town of Danbury, Texas. She attended Texas A&M University, where she studied biomedical science and minored in business. During her junior year at A&M, Dr. Michelle was accepted early into dental school, where she graduated magna cum laude. She received the Award for Excellence in Clinical Dentistry and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Student Award of Merit.

Dr. Michelle’s dedication to continuing education led her to the Kois Center®, where she completed over 200 hours of coursework. The curriculum covered in nine comprehensive courses included aesthetic, occlusion, and restorative dentistry, and was taught through hands-on simulated clinical methods as well as over the shoulder learning. Graduating from the Kois Center® was an accomplishment that Dr. Michelle feels will exponentially increase the quality dental care she provides.

Dr. Michelle has a passion for helping patients achieve the straight and confident smiles they’ve always wanted with Six Month Smiles® adult cosmetic braces and Invisalign®. Having completed more cases than any other Six Month Smiles® dentist in Central Texas, Dr. Michelle is Austin’s premier Six Month Smiles® provider. She is a clinical instructor who travels across the country to train other dentists on the 6 Month Smiles® system. She even gave an interview about Six Month Smiles® with The Wellness Hour, a health-focused TV and web series that has featured some of the nation’s leading healthcare specialists.

Be sure to check out their Austin Dental Blog.

Cat and Dog


Owner, Paz Veterinary

Shannon and Brandon personally take their fur babies to Dr. Vaughan but Paz Veterinary is a large practice with two locations and we recommend the practice in general at either of the locations. These folks are the Functional Medicine docs of veterinarians - they talk about when things like supplements, massage and acupuncture are appropriate to try before needing higher risk traditional medical interventions. If you love your pets, you will love Dr. Vaughan. And your pets will love you for taking them to Paz! 


We will research and implement whatever style or mode of medicine it takes to get your pet happy, healthy, and hanging out with you again. We’re familiar with a vast line of therapies, from Chinese herbals to laser therapy and everything in between. 

Our story begins in 2011 when Dr. Nicholas Vaughan began providing excellent, concierge-style mobile veterinary services. We quickly became a practice in which clients were remembered, celebrated for being weird and fun, and most importantly, respected for what they wanted to achieve with wellness in their four-legged friends. Over the years, ATX pet parents fell in love with Dr. Vaughan and his personal, tailored approach to veterinary medicine. As word of mouth grew, so did we.

2014 marks the year that Corner Vet was born. In a charming, homey office on the east side, pet parents had a wonderful new place to bring their fur babies. Our clients quickly learned they not only receive excellent veterinary care from us, but great customer service from fun, friendly, hip ATX staff. After two straight years of being awarded Austin’s Best Vet, we decided to open our second practice.

In May of 2017, we opened the doors of our beautiful second practice on South 1st, and rebranded to PAZ Veterinary. While the name and logos changed, our standard of care and customer service excellence have continued to far exceed clients’ expectations. We’re proudly a Texas family owned and operated business, and couldn’t have asked for better love and support than what the ATX community has offered us. We’re incredibly happy and excited to be a part of you and your pets’ life journeys, and hope to keep your pets happy and healthy for years to come. PAZ – “peace” to all!

Girl in the Fields


Westlake Body + Soul: Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) & Acupuncture

Alyse Snyder is a licensed acupuncturist in the states of Texas and California, and a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, the highest designation given by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). With more than a decade of wellness experience, Alyse recently expanded her practice to include Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT), a cutting edge, cost-effective allergy protocol. She is currently a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine where she is actively undergoing the rigorous certification to become an IFM practitioner.

Shannon sees Alyse to address her multiple food sensitivities. From Alyse's website:

"Allergies and sensitivities are caused by an inappropriate reaction to harmless substances.

The word “allergy” comes from the Greek allos, meaning “other”. It was first used in 1906 to refer to an “altered reaction” in the body’s immune system. A “true allergy” is a reaction triggered by the immune system, however there are a vast number of symptoms or conditions caused by sensitivities that may or may not involve the immune system. With reactions involving food, a large percentage of the population believe they have allergies, yet fewer than 2% actually have true allergies. In fact, many suffer from undiagnosed food sensitivities or intolerances. The majority of patients who seek the AAT treatment do not have true allergies; their symptoms are likely to be caused by sensitivities with no immune involvement. Since there are few options for the treatment of sensitivities, other than avoidance, AAT provides a highly effective alternative. Symptoms caused by true allergies, however, also respond well to the treatment as the organs systems involved in the reaction are also addressed.

The use of the word “allergy” has become a generic term used by the public to describe allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) is a clinically proven treatment that is highly effective in relieving the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities. It is a therapeutic approach that was developed from over 16 years of clinical research. The AAT treatment does not rely on the use of medications, herbal remedies or supplements. The treatment is safe, painless and available to all ages including infants."



A No-Judgement Yoga Studio

The owners of Soul Strong Yoga, Sepi and Julie, are lifelong friends who have found laughter, community, strength, healing, and some badass workouts through yoga. They're committed to offering a high-quality, comfortable, enriching yoga space for the greater Round Rock community. Soul Strong Yoga is located in Round Rock, Texas. We are founded on community, love, and accessibility. Our studio provides a safe space for our clients to strengthen, tone, breathe, improve flexibility, and get a great workout for their body and mind. All are welcome!  Please check out their variety of classes, beginners workshop and offerings for new students, as well as their  social media posts on  modified poses for people with movement limitations. Soul Strong Yoga has expertise in working with people with autoimmune or other health conditions that make yoga a challenge. You won't feel judged here!

Modern White Apartment


Home & Office Cleaning Service

We use Pure Life services at Austin Muscle Restoration and in our home. Shannon is highly sensitive to cleaners and fragrances and never reacts negatively to products this cleaning company uses.

Ironed White Shirts


Eco-friendly Laundry & Dry Cleaners

A non-toxic alternative to Dry Cleaning. We have used EcoClean exclusively for years for all of our "dry cleaning" needs. We love this place!


Sometimes people worry when they see “wet cleaning” on their drop-off ticket. Never fear! Our WET CLEANING PROCESS is actually better for your garments than dry cleaning. We can clean 99% of dry clean only garments and it's safer for your body, your house, our community and our planet than the toxic chemicals that dry cleaning uses. Stop dry cleaning Austin! Give wet cleaning a try.


Homemade Remedies


Wellness Center

We trust the quality of supplements from Peoples Pharmacy. We also adore the deli, frozen meats, snacks, personal care products selection, and  and GFY (Gluten Free Yourself) bread.


Austin’s Favorite Pharmacy for over 30 years!

Peoples was founded in 1980 in Austin, Texas. Founder, Bill Swail had a vision of creating a unique, personable environment for customers with an intense focus on customer service. From the beginning, this focus was appreciated by the Austin community. Within a few short years, Bill had grown the company to several stores. Over time, with the knowledge gained from years of studying alternative means of healing his customers, Bill expanded the business offering to transition into an integrative, holistic pharmacy.

The Wellness department of Peoples is among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the country. We help our customers every day with their individual health concerns. Our focus is on empowering patients with knowledge to become more proactive in their healthcare. We use a holistic approach to healing, seeking to identify potential problems in every aspect of a patient’s life and offering suggestions that supplement and complement western medicine.

Peoples Deli advances our cause for holistic healing by offering a range of food offerings that use only the highest quality ingredients. We believe that diet can be a very powerful, positive force for change and healing. We focus on local, organic produce, grass-finished, free-range meat, pastured chickens, soy-free eggs and gluten-free options when possible.

With the introduction of Wellness and Deli, Bill has developed a holistic offering, all while staying true to his foundation so many years ago – first rate customer service in everything we do. We are proud to say that Peoples has dramatically impacted the Austin community. From patients to doctors and healthcare practitioners, Peoples is a place that Austin counts on as a first-stop for healthcare needs. This is what makes us special. This is what makes us Austin’s favorite pharmacy.



#1 Picnik Austin

Shannon & Brandon's favorite food-allergy friendly restaurent.


Our founder, Naomi Seifter, has battled chronic, food-allergy-related illness since she was a child. Her search for a solution to improve her health led her to discover the beneficial effects of an allergen-free diet. Although she finally understood how to improve her eating habits, it was nearly impossible for her to eat anything that wasn’t prepared in her own kitchen.

To offer a solution, Naomi opened Picnik in 2013, an Austin-based food trailer in a repurposed shipping container. The concept was simple: wholesome food that’s convenient and nutritious. Picnik began serving gluten-free grab-and-go breakfast and lunch items, butter coffee, and bone broth, all with a focus on sourcing locally and using premium ingredients.

As one of the first paleo-friendly concepts in Austin, Picnik quickly gained a devoted following (especially for our grass-fed butter coffee), and in 2016, we opened our first brick-and-mortar restaurant. The following year, we hit grocery stores nationwide to share the goodness of our butter coffee recipes, and opened a second food trailer. Picnik continues to grow and impact the wellbeing of thousands of people.

We make good food that also happens to be good for you.

We completely embrace the yin and yang of why we eat: to nourish our bodies and experience pure enjoyment. By using thoughtfully-sourced, good-for-you ingredients, our customers can confidently look forward to feeling their very best.

We believe in eliminating the foods that do not serve our customers’ health, integrating foods that positively impact our customers’ health—and doing it in a practical and convenient way.

Our other favorite restaurants for gluten-free eating are:

#2 True Food Kitchen

#3 Pheobes Diner

#4 Maria's Taco Xpress

#5 Wholly Cow Burgers - Grass Fed Burgers

#6 Elizabeth Street Cafe



Healthy Products including Toys, Shoes, Gifts & Clothing

We love this place. Shannon and Brandon do most of the shopping for their 7 nieces and nephews here - they love the sleection of non-toxic toys. They also love the barefoot shoe and natural clothing selection. It's a perfect place to shop for yourself and others!

Fresh Groceries


Groceries Delivered to Your Home

Have you tried Instacart? It is an app that allows you to order groceries and items from stores like Specs, Costco, Sams, and some pharmacies. Shannon loves to get Instacart deliveries on days she can't get to the store. You can even save grocery lists or menu lists to save time! If you have never tried Instcart, you can get $10 off your first order by using the link below.




Coffee * Collagen Protein Bars * Collagen Powder

We love all things Bulletproof. Our favorite products are (1) The Collagen Protein Powder: Great for Hair/Skin/Nail/Gut/Joint health. One scoop per day added to coffee, tea, or a smoothie. (2) Collagen Protein Bars: Low carb and no sugar and they taste amazing! (3) Coffee and Decaf: Consistently low mold toxin - the only coffee we drink



VIVOBAREFOOT & New Balance Minimus

We believe in wearing barefoot shoes at all times for optimal muscular health. The foot was not designed to wear any type of heel, elevation, arch support, orthotic, or insert. HOWEVER, because almost all shoes are made with some elevation and arch support, it takes time to transition into barefoot shoes. If you would like to transition to barefoot shoes, please ask Brandon to design a transition plan for you. We typically recommend the New Balance Minimus line of shoes as a minimal transition shoe. Check out the Minimus website at

Once you can comfortably wear barefoot shoes, we highly recommend Vivobarefoot shoes.

Shannon, Brandon and Stephen love Vivobarefooot shoes!



Mattress, Sheets & Pilllows

One of the questions we get asked most often is: What is the best mattress to sleep on? What is the best pillow? After extensive research, below are the products that Shannon and Brandon personally use. All products can be purchased at Austin Natural Mattress.


We love the PAMPER model latex mattress from Pure Talalay Bliss. It is the proper firmness to allow the body to re-align each night while providing soft comfort. The Pamper mattress is a reasonable price for a non-toxic mattress. Please be aware that when switching to a new mattress, you can experience back discomfort for up to 2 weeks while your muscles adjust.Please let Brandon know if you are switching mattresses. Learn more here: www.talalaybliss.com


We adore K-Lex Organic Pillows from Churchill & Smith. They are the proper firmness to allow the neck to rest in a natural position while being soft and comfortable. Please note that you can experience neck discomfort for up to 2 weeks when switching pillows. Please let Brandon know if you are switching pillows. Learn more here: 


We like Gotcha Covered 100% Tencel sheets. Tencel is strong, sweat-wicking, cool feeling, wrinkle -resistant and non-toxic. Learn more here: and herre:

viome kit.png


Custom Your Diet to Optimize Your Microbiome

Shannon & Brandon eat custom diets as recommended by their Viome assessments. Viome is not an assessment for food sensitivities. We recommend IgG testing for that. Viome is a test that looks at your gut bacteria/fungus/yeast/parasites as well as your metabolic health and recommends a custom diet plus supplements to optimize your gut health.




  • There is no such thing as universal healthy food. What's healthy for one person can be inflammatory for another. 

  • Viome is the only company with the technology to detect all of the nutrients and toxins being produced by your microbiome. This allows us to create precise and personalized recommendations of foods and nutrients to heal your gut and keep you free from chronic conditions.


We believe there is no one-size-fits-all diet for your good health. After all, one man's food is another man's poison. In three easy steps, you can be on your way to feeling better, losing weight and having more energy!


Step 1 - We send your easy to use at-home kit to collect samples from you. 

Step 2 - We analyze your samples in order to understand what nutrients and toxins are being produced by your gut organisms. 

Step 3 - We recommend which foods you need to eat and which foods you need to avoid to restore your gut & reduce inflammation. 

We do not sell supplements or probiotics. We may recommend these if we see that your gut would benefit from them in order to balance your metabolism and minimize inflammation. 

The Science of Viome

We use the advanced science developed for National Security at the Los Alamos National Lab to identify every strain of every organism (bacteria,  viruses, fungi, yeast and mold) in your gut, assess how active these organisms are in your gut, and analyze the nutrients and toxins being produced by these organisms. 

We feed all of this information to our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine to recommend the exact foods you should be eating and foods you should be minimizing to keep your gut balanced and keep you free from chronic conditions.



A Non-Toxic Stainless

Sadly, finding non-toxic pots and pans is difficult. Even stainless pots and pans can leach metals like nickel and chromium. We use All-Clad because they do not leach metals and they last a lifetime. Shannon likes to find All-Clad pots and pans at a discount at Tuesday Morning and the Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos.



Bio-Feedback Device

Drinking filtered water is an excellent idea.And so it filtering your shower water. The skin is absorbent - that's why topical medication work. We love the Berkey shower filter that just screws into your existing shower head.

From The Website:

Features of Berkey Water Filter Systems:

  • Effective in both hot and cold water

  • Reduces up to 95% of chlorine

  • Reduces chemical absorption and vapor inhalation in the shower environment.

  • Reduces the levels of hydrogen sulfide, iron, and iron oxide

  • Reduces damage to hair and skin

  • Eliminates foul tastes and odors

  • Back Flush Attachment to prevent premature clogging

  • Reduces lime, scale, mold and fungi in shower stalls

Light Bulb Poster


Health Supplements & Technology

#1 Infrared Sauna

Sweating is an important detox mechanism. An IR sauna helps heat the body directly instead of just heating the air around you. This means you can sweat more efficiently at a lower temperature.

We personally use the DYNAMIC SAUNAS Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

(Free Shipping with Curbside Delivery from Amazon or check Costco)

#2 Molekule Air Purifier

Excellent for actually destroyign mold and allergens in the air


Molekule is a revolutionary new kind of air purifier. Instead of just trying to collect pollutants on filters, Molekule uses nanotechnology to actually destroy them at the molecular level. Allergens, mold, bacteria, viruses and airborne chemicals are all completely eliminated, leaving nothing but clean, healthy air in your home.

Learn more here:

#3 REDjuvinator Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is reported to stimulate mitochondrial function, boost the immune system, heal skin and tissue, reduce muscle & joint inflammation and pain, deepen sleep and more.

Read more here:

#4 Inner Balance Biofeedback Device for HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Training

The Inner Balance is a Heart Hate Variability Biofeedback device. It is Shannon's favorite biohack for reducing stress. 

Learn more here: NOTE: the Inner Balance is the newest emWave2 device and easier to use.

Our personal favorite Inner Balance is the NON Bluetooth device ($129 for the iPhone)


Typical Benefits People Notice With 2 Weeks of Genuine Practice:

  • More ease and inner peace

  • Better sleep

  • Less friction in relationships

  • Less worry

  • More alertness

  • Better focus and decision making

  • More positive attitudes

  • Increased composure and calm


The Coherence Breakthrough
Inner Balance is based on "the coherence breakthrough". Coherence is a state of synchronization between your heart, brain and autonomic nervous system that has been proven to have numerous mental, emotional and physical benefits. You can think of coherence as a simultaneous state of relaxation, readiness and revitalization. Some refer to this as a balanced state of composure or poise. Coherence improves performance, health and emotional well-being.

How it works
Once you have downloaded the Inner Balance App, just plug in the iOS Lightning Sensor and you are ready to begin. Inner Balance incorporates an advanced heart-rate monitor, that measures even subtle changes in your heart rhythms. This type of measurement is known as heart-rate variability analysis, or HRV. HRV analysis is a noninvasive measurement that reflects heart-brain interaction and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in your emotional state.

Heart Rhythms and Coherence 
When you experience stressful emotions such as frustration, anxiety, irritation and anger, your heart-rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, negatively affecting your health, brain function, performance and sense of well-being. When you experience positive emotions such as appreciation, dignity, joy and love, your heart-rhythm pattern is more ordered and coherent.


These graphs contrast the quality of a heart-rhythm pattern when stressed to one when feeling a positive emotion.

Ordered and balanced heart rhythms are an indicator of your “coherence level.” High coherence is a state associated with positive emotional attitudes, which send signals to the brain that reduce reactions to stress and improve cognitive function, hormonal balance, immune response, coordination and reaction times, and your overall sense of well-being.



Organic Farmers Market


Products & Companies We Use and Trust. Shannon is highly reactive to inflammatory foods as well as mold toxins in food. Below are brands that Shannon uses that are low mycotoxin products.



US Wellness Meats @

Vital Choice Wild Seafood @


Dakota Grassfed Beef (Wheatsville Co-Op)

Thousand Hills Cattle Co. Grassfed Beef (Wheatsville Co-Op)

Panorama Meats Grassfed Beef (Whole Foods)

Wild Caught Seafood at Whole Foods

Richardson Farms Meats (Wheatsville Co-Op, SFC Farmers Markets, Peoples Rx) 

Betsy Ross Meats from Home Grown Cow


Bulletproof Collagen Protein Powder 

Bulletproof CollaGelatin Protein Powder

Bone Broth

Epic bone Broth (Whole Foods, Wheatsville Co-Op)

US Wellness Meats (Frozen, Online) @

Bones for Homemade Broth at Peoples Rx and Wheatsville Co-Op


Bulletproof brand Coffee and Decaf (Online, Whole Foods, Peoples Rx)

Matcha Love Green Tea Powder (Wheatsville Co-Op)

Topo Chico Mineral Water 

San Pellegrino Mineral Water


Homemade trail mix

Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars

Nuts and Raisins from 365@WholeFoods

Epic (the Lower Sugar Choices)

Pork Clouds (Wheatsville Co-Op)

Nicks Beef Sticks

Organic Sunbutter

Coconut Products

Coconut Secret Aminos

Coconut Secret Coconut Vinegar

Native Forest Coconut Milk

Let's Do Organic Coconut Flakes

(All available at Whole Foods or Wheatsville Co-Op)

Gluten Free Grains

Bob's Red Mill grains labeled "Gluten Free"

Siete Foods Tortillas (Cassava and Almond Flour)

Siete Foods Cassava Chips

Jackson Honest Chips (made with Coconut Oil)

Lotus Foods Organic Rice and Rice Noodles

Alter Eco Organic Rice


Good Flow Honey Co. CLOVER honey

Lily's Sweets Stevia Chocolate Chips

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Grains

365@WholeFoods Raisins

Spectrum or Native Shortening

OIL & Fat

Pure Indian Foods Cultured Ghee (lowest dairy proteins)

Ancient Organics Ghee (Best taste)

Bragg Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutiva Responsible Red Palm Oil

Nutiva or Spectrum Shortening

Vinegars & Condiments 

Bragg Live Foods Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Coconut Secret Coconut Vinegar

Sir Kensington's Condiments

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Bragg Aminos

Wan Ja Shan Organic Biologique Organic GF Tamari

Bath Brush and Soap


Non-Toxic Alternatives

Soap & Shampoo

J.R. Leggitt Shampoo Bar - also fabulous for the body

Mother Dirt Skin Microbiome Friendly Soap & Shampoo

Alaffia Products: Hand soap, Shampoo, Body Wash


Dr. Bonner's toothpaste

Desert Essence toothpaste and mouthwash

Earthpaste toothpaste

Vita-Myr zinc toothpaste and mouthwash

Home & Dish Cleaning

Costco White Vinegar: mix 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 water in a spray bottle - cleans stainless, countertops, toilets and more

Baking Powder: use to scrub sinks and bathtubs 

Bon Ami Cleansing Powder

Ecos Dish Soap

7th Generation Dish Washing Pods

Dr. Bonner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap: Use all the uses on back of bottle


Ecos No Scent Laundry Detergent

Eco Friendly Dryer Balls (wool or Whitmore Brand)

Misc. Products

All Terrain Herbal Armor Insect Repellent Sticks

Damp Rid Activated Charcoal Buckets: pull orders and toxins like paint fumes out of the air



The BEST Workout Leggings!

Have you tried Gear Bunch? Shannon discovered these leggings on Instagram and is an addict! They have styles like jeans (workout tights that look like jeans in black, gray, light blue and dark blue), and tights that look like they are knitted, plus themes like lace, plaid tartans, mandalas, lotus flowers, animal print, animals, food, zodiac, sports, skulls, dream catchers, wings, holidays, hearts and much more. Three styles: Regular workout leggings, capri leggings, and high waist yoga leggings. All are smooth and silky feeling and flattering with multiple-ply fabric. Order your true size or one size down. DISCLOSURE: If you use our affiliate link below, we will receive a small percent of the order.



We Donate 10% of our Gross Profits to Charity Water

We are also passionate about helping people access clean water. Therefore, we donate 10% of our gross profit to Charity Water. With your help, we have donated $68,000 to date to fully fund 6 wells in Africa. Follow construction progress, learn about our new projects, and discover more about Charity Water from our GIVING BACK page.

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