I am a 63-year-old, healthy male.  After not going to the gym for almost a year, I wanted to return but didn’t want to injure myself by improper use of weights.  I contacted Stephen at AMR and asked if he would take me on to help remind me of the proper way to use the various machines. And which ones were best for my age.  Stephen is probably the most knowledgeable trainer in Austin.   Throughout my sessions, Stephen instructed me through all the machines he thought would benefit me, correcting my positions to insure optimum use.  I would recommend Stephen to anyone who wants to improve their health and strength.  


Absolutely love AMR. Brandon and Stephen work miracles.

James McAndrew

Love, Love, LOVE them! I had a hip that prematurely ached for over 15 years. I knew surgery was eminent when I turned sixty. I started running and the ache worsened and then went into my achilles. I thought for sure surgery would be moved up to a couple of years (I was 41). He (Brandon) discovered that my achilles was perfect and that the muscles around my hip were over worked due to a spinal injury when I was young. He worked his muscle activation techniques and ahhhhhh, my hip no longer hurts!!!! He is magic!! I go back for tuneups and muscle realignments, but it is always with joy because I know that I will never have to get surgery. :)

Farah Reid

I have MS and small nerve fiber neuropathy which have caused years of increasing nerve pain, muscle pain, fatigue and weakness. I've tried every kind of therapy from acupuncture to massage to chiropractic. While these have helped briefly, I've never gotten any long-term traction — until I tried muscle activation techniques with Brandon O'Connor at Austin Muscle Restoration. My functional medicine doctor recommends him to all of her autoimmune patients. I feel immediately better after each session, but I can also tell that I am finally getting traction and improving more with each session. My pain level and mobility have improved. Brandon is also a great source for info about autoimmune issues and has turned me on to many helpful resources on my path to recovery.


Brandon has been a lifesaver. I was in so much pain 2 years ago. I was desperate. I was told I needed spinal fusion surgery and almost went through with it. Brandon talked me into giving him a chance to help me before I take that step. At the time I couldn’t get through half of a work day without being in excruciating pain. Now I go most days without any pain thanks to him!

Michelle Hedgecock, DDS

Brandon is nothing short of amazing. After trying everything else for almost a year, I have been going to Brandon for about a month and my shoulder impingement and chronic muscle tightness have almost gone away. My strength is returning and my range of motion has doubled. I have not found anything else that works as well as Brandon's therapy. Brandon is the best Muscle Activation Therapist in Austin.

Kurt Beggs

I highly recommend Brandon O'Connor. He is a professional, honest and someone I trust. He has great passion to be his best and do whatever it takes to help others feel their best. I have not just seen the results of M.A.T., but I am living proof of those results. Thanks Brandon for changing my life... literally!!

Heather Elizabeth

Brandon and Stephen have helped me so much with my TMJ and headaches. I’ve been able to come off several prescription medications since I’ve started working with them. I had tried surgery and traditional physical therapy- neither helped solved the underlying issues. Brandon and Stephen are both very knowledgeable about their field, and take the time to figure out what is best for each client. Really thankful to Austin Muscle Restoration!

Lauren Haggard

"It’s hard to put into words and fully encompass what the Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training journey with Brandon represents to me. When I first started treatment, I was in so much systemic pain that I was having trouble even doing the simplest tasks like tying my shoes! I am a competitive athlete with a history of multiple repetitive stress as well as traumatic injuries to my lower spine in particular. I had tried everything to alleviate my pain including steroid injections, chiropractic care, cryotherapy and even acupuncture but had not found any relief.

In 2013, I was training for a major competition when all of these injuries started really coming to a head. A fellow athlete referred me to Brandon because she knew my plight and had experienced real benefit from receiving treatment from him. I made and an appointment and quickly became a client. Amazingly, Brandon was able to triage me enough with muscle activation protocol for me to finish the competition (which was unbelievable in and of itself) but by that time, my pain was significant.

The next impossible thing that Brandon was able to accomplish was to get me to stop pushing through pain and to stop and really evaluate what was going on with my body. It was as much an emotional recovery as a physical one and Brandon’s patience and vision got me through it. As anyone who has been in an incredible amount of pain knows, it has a psychological effect as much as a physical one and having a professional who understands and is empathetic is critical to recovery.

The next year was when I feel the journey really began. Through a very thoughtful and comprehensive process in the Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training frameworks, Brandon started the process of literally putting me back together. Not only his professionalism, but his extreme patience and kindness got me through some pretty dark days when I thought I would never be able to participate in my sport again - even though he always told me I would and I'd be better than ever.

His holistic approach also included not only Muscle Activation Techniques and Strategic Resistance Training in his office but also nutritional and dietary recommendations to reduce inflammation and increase healing. The more I complied with these recommendations the better I felt and I found my progress accelerated.

This process was iterative and often a moving target but Brandon’s commitment and passion for increasing his knowledge about not only his area of expertise, but his clients specific needs increased my improvement as well. Any time he learned something applicable, he would incorporate it in my sessions so that our work was customized for me and never a one-size-fits-all approach. I have always been curious about the science behind the body and Brandon has always been open and willing to share what he knows, answer any questions or do further research, if necessary. He has also worked closely with my doctor and has kept him apprised of my progress.

Flash forward to Fall 2014, and I returned to my sport again but this time with a different body and outlook as well as approach to training. Because of Brandon, I now train smarter, not harder. We continue to work together but now instead of repair, we are focused on performance. I am returning to competition again this summer and feel stronger and more solid than I ever have. When I think about what could have happened if I hadn’t been referred to Brandon, I cringe because chances are I would have had to give up the things that I love and make life worth living.

All I can say is I can’t recommend Brandon enough for anyone who has injury or pain…"

Christine Laylon

"MAT has been a lifesaver for me and I have Brandon to thank for that. I've been a cop for ten years and wearing 25 pounds of gear on my hips that constantly pulls my pelvis out of alignment for 40+ hours a week has really taken a toll on my body. I'm an avid CrossFitter and that has certainly helped mitigate injury. But I never realized just how broken and shut down I was until I met Brandon. I hopped on his table as a skeptic and hopped off an hour later as a true believer in the power of MAT and the knowledge and skill that Brandon brings. He is an outstanding practitioner of this wonderful technique and a consummate professional. If you're like me and never got the results you were seeking from physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage, I urge you to schedule an appointment with Brandon. I promise you will be happy that you did."

Mike R.

"Finding Brandon O’Connor was an answer to prayer for my life. After my pregnancy in 2009, I had more than just constant severe pain in my lower back and hips. My hips would freeze up when laying down, and I would literally have to use my arms to roll my body to my side to get out of bed, only to be bent over until either pain medication kicked in or it loosened up by walking around. Even when I was able to stand up straight, the pain never ceased. I saw a chiropractor, but only received some temporary relief that lasted about a day or two. Doctors could do nothing and prescribed me high dose anti-inflammatory drugs to help ease the pain. I started seeing a personal trainer to see if strengthening and stretching would help out, but it made it worse. I couldn’t go for walks or exercising because of the aftermath of pain. I pushed through for the sake of my daughter, very active daughter, and would look forward to my nightly dose of pain reliever to feel better.

In 2011, my family moved to Austin, Texas and my Mother set up an appointment with Brandon for Muscle Activation Techniques to help me get relief from the pain. I was stunned. Not only did I start feeling relief from pain right away, but the relief stayed. Brandon worked on everything from my toes/feet to my neck/head. I no longer was having to help myself roll over to try to get out of bed. I was no longer waking up and walking bent over, but was waking up and standing up straight. I can go to the park and run around with my daughter and play without being in excruciating pain during and afterwards. I have my life back, not just for me, but for my family.

Brandon is professional, honest and someone I trust. He has great passion to be his best and to do whatever it takes to help others feel their best. I have not just seen the results of Muscle Activation Techniques, but I am living proof of those results. Thanks Brandon for changing my life…literally!!"

Heather Prien

My son, Tyler, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and 2 strokes in September of 2013. While doing some outpatient rehabbing at St. David's Hospital, we became friends with a fellow patient (AMR client) named Mike. Mike had begun working with Stephen Dansevich at a gym in Bee Caves (Stephen is now a full time employee at AMR). According to Mike, he was seeing better results than with the physical therapists and occupational therapist he had previously been working with. Therefore, when my son was discharged from the St. David's day program in June of 2017, he began working with Mr. Dansevich. The results have been amazing. At one point we weren't sure that Tyler would ever get substantial activity out of his right arm. As a result of Mr. Dansevich's hard work, my son is able to move his right arm and the range of motion continues to increase with every visit to Austin Muscle Restoration. We attend sessions twice a week. I now feel confident that there is a good chance that my son will get full activity from his right arm at some point in the future and it's attributable to Mr. Dansevich's hard work.

Mike Hendrick

“I can testify to the value of Muscle Activation and Brandon O’Connor. I was born with a curved spine and have been dealing with back issues most of my life. My personal trainer recommended Brandon. At first I was very skeptical because the technique just seemed too simple. Brandon did a complete set of tests in the beginning and I learned things about my structure that I never knew before. We started muscle activation. At first, the results are subtle, but I began to notice things like a much freer golf swing and better posture. Also, I have not had back pain. I use the combination of personal training and muscle activation and the results are clear. Brandon is thorough and really is committed to the process and his clients. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.”

John B.

"Muscle Activation Techniques has completely changed my life. I am a former Division I volleyball player with a history of overuse injuries from over 20 years of playing and coaching. I started MAT 10 years ago and had temporary minimal results. This all changed when I started working with Brandon 4 years ago. He really listened to all my past issues and took that into account with his treatment. Even after the first session, I felt instant relief and benefits. He has not only given me back full range of motion, but I am now stronger than ever and able to achieve more in my 30's than I did as a college athlete. Every time I see him everything he has worked on in the past is strong and he continues to activate more of my muscle tissue. Brandon has provided such an amazing experience that it has inspired me to start a profession in Muscle Activation Techniques and he is helping me begin this process."

Sheri Data

"Two years ago I weighed 135 pounds and could barely lift a water jug. Now after working with Brandon O’ Connor, I weigh 160 pounds and can leg press over 400 pounds. Brandon will continually keep everything, from workouts to rehab, entertaining and progress you through your goals until you eventually accomplish athletic feats you never could have imagined!"

Jared S.

I have been a client of Austin Muscle Restoration for a few years now and can’t believe how after decades of compounded injuries, I am still able to participate as a competitive athlete as a result of this treatment! In the last year, I have been able to completely focus on strength, performance and injury prevention by getting off the table and into the gym. When Stephen Dansevich started at AMR, I began working with him twice a week to meet these goals. Stephen’s approach is customized to the client and their needs. Although we have worked out the same areas of the body, we have never done the same workout twice! He has more depth of knowledge about body and exercise mechanics than anyone I have every trained with and has found unique and effective ways to challenge me and dramatically increase my strength. No matter what your goals, whether for quality of life or sports, I can’t recommend Stephen enough.

Christine Hla

I am 76 years old and have been active all my life with golf, fast walking and medium weight training.

For the past several years, my left hip has been aching. A weekly trip to the chiropractor kept the pain down a little, but it was still aggravating - a daily reminder of my age I guess.

Last summer, Brandon O'Connor worked on me on two occasions during a one week period. My hip was noticeably better for about 10 days and then the pain went away completely. There has been no pain for over six months. But if it does return, Brandon will find me sitting on his doorstep looking for help.

There has been no further need for chiropractic manipulations since Brandon has taken care of my pain in two sessions.


"I was referred to Brandon O'Connor in early 2012 by a friend of mine that had also been certified through MAT. I was a former Division 1 Volleyball player, and had accrued multiple injuries from that rigorous part of my athletic career. I was experiencing numbness in my feet, inadvertent tripping, and pain in my hip while running. After working with Brandon for over 3 years now, and continuing to maintain Muscle Activation Techniques with him, I have been pain and numbness free. I was also able to run the Austin half marathon in 2013 and record a personal best time of 1 hour and 46 minutes. As I continue to challenge my self with the different fitness regimens, boxing, and volleyball I have uncovered new things that Brandon has successfully helped me alleviate to continue to enjoy my exercise lifestyle. Thank you Brandon for keeping me pain free and strengthening my

body to perform at its highest level possible."

Kristi Data

I have a 4 level cervical fusion plus an auto immune disease that has caused arthritis in most of my joints. I also have scoliosis. I have had severe muscle , neck and and joint pain for many years. I have been to many physical therapists over the years and their approach was always to " treat " me by making me worse. I was told over and over that is was necessary to make my pain worse for several months before I would see a response. Over and over I had to stop PT due to severe pain from the therapy that was supposed to make me better . I met Brandon and he explained the goal of MAT is to restore the muscles that are not working back to function . His therapy is 100% painless and immediately effective . It is the total opposite of traditional PT and makes way more sense . Brandon may treat your foot for your hip pain bc every muscle has to work. Brandon is incredibly smart ,kind, passionate and very knowledgeable about all aspects of health, including wellness, supplements, nutrition and food allergies . You will learn a lot if you are his client.I highly recommend him to anyone who has been through the physical therapy or pain management injection mills and not found relief. You will find Brandon a refreshing alternative.


"Brandon O'Connor has been a real asset to my personal health. My chiropractor referred me due to his expertise with Muscle Activation Techniques. I have on-going issues with my knees and lower back as well as all over pain and soreness from various health issues. Although I previously received physical therapy, the pain would return unless I did the prescribed 1-1/2 hour exercises every other day. That hardly left any time for anything else so I couldn’t go back to that.

Brandon has corrected various problem spots that all contribute to my knee and back pain. It's been amazing to see how subtle things like treating a tight wrist or a sore shoulder can magically improve my back or knees. I've had a lot of MAT work on my feet, which used to be really inflexible. This was the main reason my chiropractor sent me to Brandon. I had no idea how much your toes are supposed to move and flex and how much they affect the rest of your body. Brandon has also helped me find which areas are not only affected by body alignment but are affected by other health issues. It has helped me pinpoint triggers in my diet and guided my medical treatment for other ailments.

Not only do I hurt less all over, I've become stronger and secretly developed muscles were there seemingly were none. My body is also more balanced than when I participated in group workouts at the gym. I don't want to call the workouts easy, but I don't get tired and only feel a little soreness some of the time. Someone forgot to send the memo to my muscles because they're still developing like they would with a strenuous workout except without the damage and injury. And unlike with physical therapy, I also have time for the rest of my life now too!"

Beth C.

"As a pole fitness instructor and hair stylist, I put my body through the ringer on a daily basis. I am also not a natural athlete, so asking my body to use all kinds of muscles in crazy positions definitely started taking it's toll early on. All I can say is thank goodness for Brandon and MAT!! I truly don't think I would still be able to hair OR pole without his knowledge and skill. Brandon is so passionate about optimal functioning of the human body and it shows in his dedication to educating himself and his clients. I highly recommend MAT for anyone who is looking for increased mobility, strength, and general quality of life. Life is so much more enjoyable having a body that can support my day to day life!"

Erin Rattan

Brandon has been an answered prayer. I came to him for a frozen shoulder which hadn't responded to regular physical therapy. He has not only helped with the shoulder pain and mobility but is also helping with some long established knee and foot problems. I trust and recommend Brandon and his team.

Irma Gros

I appreciate Brandon's treatments over the past 5 or 6 years. He has a friendly professional manner, and he is knowledgeable about my condition of spinal scoliosis.  Between Brandon and my chiropractor, I've managed to stay quite active into my 70's with a relatively low level of discomforts.  We both know that improvement in the curvature isn't likely, so our goal is ongoing functionality. Brandon has kept me able to take 3-week international trips to out-of-the-ordinary places. Thanks Brandon---and I have recommended you to several people over the years! -JMO


Brandon is one of the most dedicated and talented health professionals I know! The team at Austin Muscle Restoration is in a class of its own and ahead of its time

Glenn Haugk

Brandon O'Connor is the best trainer there is anywhere. I am 73 and have been his client for the past eleven years and hope to be his client for many, many more years. My quality of life and physical condition are excellent thanks to Brandon. He is highly knowledgeable , well trained and very attentive. My training sessions with him are the high point of my week. I highly recommend him.

Jerry Walker

“My Muscle Activation Journey started in February of 2013.

I flew to San Francisco to see my daughter. We stayed with her friends and I slept with her on a mattress on the floor. I do not know if it was the airplane ride, all the hills in San Francisco or the up and down from the mattress, but the 2nd morning there I could barely move. Stepping down from a curb sent shooting pains through me. Even a crack in the sidewalk caused excruciating pain.

She suggested muscle activation therapy which I had never heard of before.  She found a practitioner who agreed to come to the apartment where we were staying. He worked on me and fixed me up so that the pain was mostly gone. He then suggested that when I go back to Austin, I find someone to give me a thorough work up.

I found Brandon. He gave me a series of about 8 sessions, and I felt better than ever. He told me that many of my muscles stopped working and that the ones that took over just got over stressed and gave out. During our sessions he reactivated the nonworking muscles so that they would work again. He also gave me isometric exercises to keep the m muscles activated.

He told me to come in for tune-ups yearly. 

With a cancer diagnosis and surgery I wasn’t so good about the yearly part and ended up in pain again, but not as bad as in San Francisco. When I went back again, he reactivated some muscles and gave me exercises to keep them activated.

I now have hope that I can come in for tune-ups and keep moving pain free into my 70’s and onward.

My daughter read this and added, ‘You left out that you were in pain for a long time before San Francisco. You had been to your doctor and physical therapist and nothing was helping. You couldn’t even turn over in bed without pain. And the treatment in San Francisco didn’t make your pain go away. But it did get you a little better’.”


I’ve been working with AMR for nearly two years and have nothing but amazing feedback. I’ve had a number of injuries and surgeries over the years and have tried every modality known to man to get my body back in working condition. Only AMR has been successful in getting me back to form and able to function like I was 20 years old again. Amazing results and amazing people. Highly recommend.

Michael Bland

I had planters fasciitis and had tried everything. I signed up for the 10 visit plan with Brandon and started feeling better within a couple of weeks. I highly recommend AMR when you are having any sort of body pain! Brandon is good at identifying the actual source and treating it quickly. You will feel better soon!

Mark Blake

Everyone is top quality at AMR. I have been a client there for a few years and they are so caring, so professional and so adept at working with the body. It is a treasure to have found them. Since working with Brandon and Stephen I have found my body integrating and strengthening. I am someone who suffered from chronic illness and I had a lot of inflammation in my tissues. Working with other types of trainers and professionals often left my body stressed and my nervous system dysregulated. AMR is a place that treats your being and body with kindness, intelligence and powerful tools.

Vanessa Scotto

I finally found relief from my chronic muscle cramping and fatigue with AMR after trying many other types rehab and bodywork. Brandon’s work is fabulous. He truly cares about your improvement. It’s all personalized to you. You are NOT just another client. I felt the results in a different way than with anything else that I’ve tried. I could tell that my muscles were functioning way better than before. My strength and energy started increasing. Over the course of my work with Brandon not only have I seen improvements in my physical abilities but I’ve also had improvement in sleep, digestion, and allergies.

Jamie Hendrixson



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